Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Eden's Secret Review

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Tuesday so far. I had quite a busy day at work today! I work at a major bank and it's been getting quite hectic lately. Last week I discovered a new way to make the day more relaxing at work. What I do is I listen to my favorite MP3s on my phone while I work and it makes things a little more fun.

Anyways, today after work I had to go to the post office to ship an order and while I was there I found out I have a package to pick up! Of course I got super excited cause I had a feeling it's my package from Eden's Secret, and I was right. :)
Last month as I was going through my handmade beauty product obsession phase (which is not quite over yet) I came across some videos on youtube by a lady named Karen. She runs a company called Eden's Secret and she sells handmade bath and body products. Her soaps looked like works of art to me and I was hooked on her videos from that day on! Couple of weeks after discovering her company and after seeing other people's reviews of her shop I decided I MUST make an order! ha ha

My package took a little over 2 weeks to arrive, which is not bad, considering it was shipped from England. The  package itself was wrapped in this adorable pink wrapping paper which happens to be my favorite color! :)

Here's a picture of my items after I took them out of the box. I used my phone to take the picture so it's not the best quality, but I was too excited to grab the other camera!

As you can see the soaps are very detailed and gorgeous and they are wrapped beautifully. Since I haven't used them yet I can't describe how they feel in the shower (I may do that on a separate post) but I did open the wrappers enough to smell them and they all smell amazing!

Here's what I ordered: Chanel Chance glycerin soap, Rock Candy cold process soap, Cashmere Cake cold process soap, Fairy Dust cold process soap, Angel Skin glycerin soap and Creme Brulee Bubble Bath Cupcake..
Karen was kind of enough to include 3 samples: Almond Milk glycerin soap, Candy Puff cold process soap and Lemon Candies creme silk soap..

I'm sooo excited to use these and Karen if you read this thank you so much and I will be back for more soon! :) <3

Here's a link to her shop and youtube channel for those of you who are interested:


Hope you enjoyed this review and I will be back soon with a new post!



  1. Love the picture of the items as you are taking them out of the box! :)

    Great meeting you through the Etsy Blog Team!
    I am your newest follower! :)

    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Thanks for visiting and following Mary! :) <3