Sunday, 22 April 2012

Things I'm hoping to add to my creative studio (AKA Bedroom)!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! :)
Mine was quite nice. My grandma is visiting and I got to see her after 1 year! So we spent most of yesterday with her which was perfect. And today I got to get some of my other things done around the house.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a few things to improve or assist with my jewelry work. I've had so many ideas in my head over the past few weeks about my new collection and how to present them, etc. However there is one big purchase that I'm still wondering about and that would be buying something similar to these babies:

I've been struggling a lot with lighting when photographing my work and I don't really have a lot of options to do photography outside in the yard due to unpredictable weather conditions in Toronto! So I'm thinking these might help solve some of the problem, however their big price tag is delaying the splurge a little bit! O:-)

I believe photography is very important when you present your creations and I've been hoping to improve on that a bit this year. Of course playing around with my cameras and learning a few things about the different options will make a big difference as well.

If anyone has used or is currently using similar lighting to the picture above I'd love to hear how it's been working out for you and if it's worth spending the big bucks! :D



  1. super cute blog! xx

  2. Thanks ladies.. ♥ I can't wait to get them next month!