Monday, 30 April 2012


Hey everyone!
So I had heard about this website called Pinterest for a few months now and never really bothered to check it. However last week finally I decided to take a look and see what it's all about. Basically it's like an online pin board where you pin your favourite things to your boards for inspiration. You can find boards on food, fashion, photography or anything else you can imagine!
For now the site membership is by invitation only, however you can submit your email and they will contact you when you can join. 
I received my confirmation over the weekend and signed up right away. I'm obsessed! I think I spent 3 hours on Sunday just going through different profiles and looking up awesome pictures!

Here's a print screen of some of my current boards:

Click on the picture to go directly to my Pinterest page..

I'm sure I'll spend many hours adding new ideas and inspirations to my page in the coming weeks as it's quite addicting! Any of you have a Pinterest page? :)



  1. It IS very addicting! You can find the most wonderful things there!

  2. I love Pinterest!! lovely blog!- from etsy:)