Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bracelet obsession..

Hey everyone.. As promised yesterday, I'm going to share a sample of my newest obsession.. bracelets!!

Taken with my iphone in bad lighting, please excuse the quality! :)

Even though I had experimented with making different bracelet designs in the past, I never posted any in my shop for sale. But lately after seeing tons of gorgeous stacking brackets everywhere and getting inspired by all the colors and textures, I decided to start making some of my own. It's been quite fun so far and I will probably have some of these featured in my store in the next couple of weeks.. 
Meanwhile, hoping  my new lighting equipment will get here soon so I can start practising and improving my photography skills. 

What are some of the projects you guys are currently working on? :)



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  2. Diamond Braceletis so beautiful therefore it is most popular in women and girls.

  3. When you post a new post in the castteam blog blitz, please post it in the thread that has this current week's date on it. This beautiful post was on an expired thread and probably did not get as many readers as it could have. :(