Sunday, 23 March 2014

For the love of tea...

If there is one thing most people in my life know, it's the fact that I LOVE tea. Growing up in a Persian family tea or (Chai) has always been a big part of our lives. It's the drink they serve you at get-togethers, work or most formal functions. We have tea with breakfast in the morning and most enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening as well. Having lived in Canada for 17 years has definitely not changed this habit one bit. I still enjoy my average 2-3 cups of tea daily, and the tea of choice, cardamom black tea!

Traditionally Persians serve tea in clear delicate glass teacups and enjoy it with condensed sugar cubes.

Inspired by this love for tea, recently I added a couple tea inspired jewelry pieces to my shop which I wanted to share with you all. The response has been great and I do really think they are quite cute and fun to wear! :D

First in line is my gold ring with a cute ceramic white teacup on top.

You can find this ring in my shop here

And next would be my teacup earrings. Now these teacups are even tinier than the one I used for the ring. I think they are quite adorable! :)

These ones are also in my shop here

I hope to add more to this lovely tea party collection soon. Maybe a milk pitcher necklace soon?

Here I leave you with a picture of my now Sold Out teapot necklace which I was quite in love with! :D

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!