Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday Spotlight #1

Hey everyone,
As some of you know I'm starting a new weekly series on my blog called Saturday Spotlight where I feature 1-3 amazing Etsy shops and ask them a few questions. This week we have 3 lovely participants, all with very beautiful shops. So lets get to know them a little better.
First off is a lovely clutch by Laura from atomique47...

Click photo to see Laura's Etsy shop

When did you start selling your craft and what inspired to open your shop?
I’m a professional interior designer. I design hotels, resorts and restaurants all over the world. I love color, pattern and texture in interior design which naturally translates into fashion as well. When the economy tanked a few years ago, people weren’t spending their money on travel as much anymore so my day job slowed down. I used my down time to start my Etsy shop and it gave me a place to direct my creative energy. I really enjoy not only making my bags but the whole branding aspect of opening a shop.

 How did you come up with your shop name?
I had a horse that was a very important part of my life. Her name was Silver. I wanted to name the shop after her in a creative way. On the periodic table of elements, the atomic number for Silver is 47. I chose the French spelling of Atomic (Atomique) because I liked that it sounded like a combination of Atomic and Unique. My clutch bags often feature handmade felt flowers which make them unique and stand apart from the average handbag.

If you could have any famous person try/buy your product who would you choose?
I can definitely see Zooey Deschanel rocking an Atomique47 clutch. The colorful patterns, wood felt and the handmade element are very much her style. Hopefully you’ll see one on an episode of New Girl someday.

Next we have a cute doll by Corrie from StrangelyEverAfter..

Click photo to see Corrie's shop

What would your dream work space/office look like?
It would probably be the equivalent of an indoor fabric bazaar. I would love to have a space that is pretty much the size of a small house to dedicate to my work; a place where I could have everything spread out so I could more easily visualize the different color combinations and how the different textures play off of each other. It can be frustrating having everything stored in clear plastic bins all stacked up against the wall so I can move around in my current work space.

How did you come up with your shop name?
I have always been so inspired by fairy tales and folklore and wanted to incorporate that into my name but also to give a nod to my more unusual aesthetic. I struggled for days trying to think of something but then it just came to me and I immediately went to my county office to register it as my business name.

If you could have any famous person try/buy your product who would you choose?
Neil Gaiman! I've read all of his books and I think he has such a special and unique voice in the literary world. At least a couple times a week I am tempted to make a Coraline themed set of dolls since the animated movie had such a great balance of creepy and cute.

And last but not least we have amazing photography by GiGi from AroundTheGlobeImages..

Click photo to see GiGi's shop

What is your favorite thing about selling on Etsy?
Etsy is a true community in every sense of the word. I love engaging on a personal level with both sellers and buyers. The cultural diversity, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit found here is inspiring! Often I’m contacted by people who are originally from the countries I’ve photographed and I love hearing that an image I’ve captured reminds them of home, a moment or happy experience in their lives.

Tell us about your creative process.
It’s all about chasing the light! Whether I am capturing a particular landscape, wildlife, or even a Route 66 vintage sign, I spend a lot of time researching weather conditions, the position, direction, and quality of the sunlight or moonlight at particular times, and then I scout out various angles and positions of my subject, all the things that will help me reveal the story or emotion I hope to capture with the image. Then it’s just a matter of lugging my gear and waiting for the right moment to click the shutter. After that, I do very little post-processing other than basic dark room development or basic edits in Photoshop.

How did you learn your craft?
I’ve studied photography on the college and post-graduate level for a number of years and am currently on my way to earning my Masters in Fine Art Photography. I’ve studied the work of Master Photographers ( and still do!). Being out in the field shooting with other photographers and experimenting on my own with different cameras, lenses, and technologies has definitely helped me hone my craft.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I really look forward to featuring (or shining the spotlight on) more wonderful Etsy shops.



  1. What a great segmant; really interesting to read the 'behind the scenes' of all these designs.
    (And I love the colours of the clutch!)

  2. Wonderful creative makers. I love Corrie's dolls, they are so cute! :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed.. I will do another one next week.. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my shop. You've got a great blog and I love reading the behind the scenes stuff with other Etsy sellers.