Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My mom, the new Etsy seller..

Every since I was a young kid I remember my mom working on her sewing machine and making cloths for me and my siblings as well as other friends and relatives. She was a stay at home mom when we were growing up and I have a lot of memories of her sewing something and me watching very curiously and even tried sewing a few simple doll clothing occasionally. I remember going to fabric stores and being able to choose the fabric I liked and then few days later that lovely fabric was turned into a cute dress or something else for me and it was really exciting.
This continued for many years until eventually she started working full-time and between that and taking care of the house she didn't really have time or the inspiration to sow anymore.
Over the last few years I mentioned to her a few times it would be nice if she got back in to sewing and even selling some of her creations but she was always too busy to do so. Finally few months ago I convinced her, as I know she is a very creative person and would enjoy getting back into it. So she got herself a new sewing machine and got a bunch of lovely fabrics and started sewing some fabric purses.

About a month ago I opened an Etsy shop for her and although she is not very much into the "techy" stuff and self promotion, with my help we listed a few of her creations online. I am so happy for her and I still sit and watch her sew the purses, like I use to as a child, sometimes. So today I felt like introducing her shop to you all, even though she has no idea i'm doing this! :-)

Here are a few of my favorite designs from her shop Linda Faith Designs..

She has a lot of new designs coming out soon and she gets very happy with every favorite and "like" she gets on Etsy. I would be very happy to have a small part in that.
Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! :-D


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